PasalubongTreats Launches Online Pasalubong Shop

We Filipinos love to travel and explore the wonders of the places we go to – its culture, its scenery, and  its people.  We try to document our trip as much as we can with hundreds of pictures and videos. Then we post them in our Facebook and Instagram pages to share  our experience with our family and friends. However, mere photos and videos are not enough to contain our amazement. We Filipinos love to keep a memorabilia of the places that we go to and we bring them home to remind us of our heavenly experience in our travels and to share with our love ones the spirit and sensation of the places we have been. But how exactly do we do this?

We bring PASALUBONG, of course!

Pasalubong is a coming home gift that every Filipino traveler gives to his family and friends back home from a place or places he has been to. Bringing Pasalubong has always been a tradition. It does not only symbolize sharing of our travel experience but also to let them know that we remember them during the adventure.

For Filipinos who work or live away from their families, especially those from abroad, this gesture of bringing pasalubong represents the sweet reunion and gladness of being back home.

Pasalubong can be of any items and are handy. It may be a special treat or delicacy from the place. It may also be clothing like shirts and caps or other stuff like key chains, refrigerator magnets, purse, mugs, etc. with name of the place printed on them.

Pasalubong items can be bought just almost anywhere since they are usually available at mall kiosks. Some places they have their designated pasalubong centers.

However, most of the time, travelers are just too exhausted with the trip that they barely have the time and energy to go to stores to buy pasalubong. Or sometimes, back home, they realize they did not buy enough of that best pastry they have ever tasted from their trip.

This is where comes into play!

We know what you need so we made buying pasalubong as easy and as convenient as it could ever be through online shopping at

We are an online shop where you will find a lot of popular Filipino delicacies, from different kinds of  pastry tarts to rolled wafers, nutty cookies and even squid rings. We also offer hard-to-find best-tasting pasalubong brands that you will not find in mall kiosks. When in Manila for a short vacation from your home abroad, you can simply browse through our products from different regions in the Philippines, submit your order, and we will ship the items to you. This way, you can bring home various Filipino delicacies from different places in the Philippines even with just a very limited vacation time.

To purchase your favorite treats, you can just simply go to, choose your desired products and submit the order without spending another ounce of your energy going to pasalubong stores as we deliver the goods on your doorsteps. Our delivery is available nationwide so just save the energy for your adventures. Although you can still opt to pay thru bank deposit, we also accept online payments via Paypal and any major credit card so you can place your order completely right from the comfort of your home.

For Filipinos, it brings so much joy to give pasalubong to family and friends, especially for those who have been away for a while. It is their sweet way of saying “I’m home”. And whatever kind of pasalubong we give, like we always say, it’s the thought that counts!